Festival Of The Sun 2010

To continue this years theme it did rain, but just at little, at Festival Of the Sun. We thanked the garbage gods that the Loot Ute could run on bitumen roads which of course made the final clean up day marvellous. This year the Loot Ute team decided to give out awards to the cleanest campsites and shame the messy ones which was an excellent way to reward campers who were proud of their campsites. Lots of interaction with the audience  this time around, with bin monitors placed on the bin stations. This must have been one of the cruisiest jobs at the whole festival-stand here, make sure the right thing goes in the right bin, and watch your favourite bands. The ‘Gurge were pretty special I thought and the rest of the team did have a coupe of rock-star moments-we almost lost one of our team leaders to That One Guy who can talk the hind legs of a rabbit apparently! The entire FOTSUN crew were in a remarkably calm state over the weekend, proving that this little festival has finally come of age…a shame that some of the audience didn’t act in such a mature manner, with several branches being broken off trees and some people diving head-first into wheelie bins in the middle of the crowd. These of course were the exception, rather than the rule and inevitably we were rather happy with the state the campsites were left in. Most people had made the effort to black bag everything (aided and abetted by the Sunday Morning Trashbag Bandit) and at least half the sites were spotless. We love Festival Of The Sun!

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