Boogie Festival

Boogie is one of those festivals that we hold dear to our heart as the founding members and directors are so intrinsically green they can’t help but incorporate good ideas into the running of their festival. Worm farms have been part of Boogie from the get go and this year an additional farm was created to deal with the larger volumes of cardboard and organics that are slowly being produced year on year. Educating our volunteers became a dream when we anthropomorphised the worms. ‘Think of the worms as vegans-no meat. no dairy. Then think about them slithering about over citrus fruits or onions, their semi-permeable skins would burn’. Most of the volunteers, coming from Melbourne’s’ inner city were delighted that they had gained knowledge enough to make their own worm farms at home. Win!

On stage announcements by DJs really got the message out there that leaving a clean campsite was the only way to go. We backed this up by constructing Recycling Bays where campsite rubbish could be separated without the need to carry or load it into the car and drop it at the exit. These bays were situated next to the campsite toilets, ensuring that everyone knew their location as they’d already had to pass them a few times by the end of the weekend. Then situating volunteer ‘Bin Ninjas’  at these bays ensured they were contaminate free, with most of the sorting done by the audience themselves as they dropped off their bags. Another win!


A new year and another new festival to our roster. Boogie, I think, is my new favourite event with just 1000 blessed patrons coming to ‘Shake it loose together’ in Bruzzy Park, an hours drive north of Melbourne. The closest town of Tallarook also has a train station which means getting there can be done cheaply with few carbon emissions. Yay for festivals near train stations! Green Chief were engaged to manage the waste, recycling and reuse of materials with a view to provide full sustainability operation in the future. Meeting and working with a crew new to Green Chief was a pleasurable experience, totally professional and organised with a view to enjoying the party which has been created in Bruzzy’s backyard. The whole vibe is a bit like being at an outdoor house party, where of course there is always one room that is left unattended and then the next morning you open the door and read the story from the trail of debris left behind. A no-car camping area has prime location and was really well-respected with very little litter left behind. A different story from the dam camping area, far from prying eyes it would seem all hell broke loose. Definitely a tangible piece of evidence to suggest car camping = messier campsites.

Essie took her first role as shift supervisor and managed to do a stirling job, rousing the troops and getting them into the field to inform and educate. James was in charge of ute collections and made sure there were no overflowing bins at any time. Kudos. Reuse solutions were found to the non-refillable kegs that had supplied the cider, the many milk and bread crates left on site and a variety of scrap metal and random clothing going to local sources. Even cardboard from the awesome Box Wars guys was carefully cleared up, proving that all participants of an event, even the performers, can take care of their own waste. We look forward to Boogie 7 next year where a couple more initiatives can be trialled and the eco credentials raised even further.