Shine On Festival

Holy Moely! What an adventure Shine On turned out to be. With new crew members learning the ropes in the most challenging of conditions, special bonds were formed between all of the crew who managed to live through what has arguably been our toughest gig yet. Knee deep mud and constant rain hindered a couple of new initiatives which were due to be launched, such as the newly decorated Loot Ute Campsite Collection Service (even 4WD’s were getting bogged in the quagmire that the main campsite roads became) and the inaugural outing of The Varishard-a troupe of roaming performers whose aim was to publicly embarrass patrons who left waste at the campsites.

The Bag Deposit scheme was yet again a success, enabling us to maximise the collection of recyclables from the campsites, although a lower than usual return rate was experienced. Debates rages as to if the weather, poor signage or a misunderstanding of the system contributed most to this. It was clear however that the standby TrashBag Bandit performance has a measurable impact on campers packing up and taking their campsites with them. All of the Green Chief crew were pleasantly surprised when only 3 sofas were left behind, one of which could be re-used for an upcoming event. The number of trashed gazebos was high and although all the scrap metal on site, including the aluminium cans, have been collected to raise funds by the Talbot Football Club, it was still disappointing to see so many wasted structures. What was heartening to see in the form of structures were one particular campsite erecting shade from wooden poles. Perhaps this is soemthing that can be investigated for future festivals.

Aside from the initiatives we received lots of compliments on how tidy the festival site was and kudos for this as usual goes to the shift leaders Emma & Heidi for working their magic with the volunteers, all of whom did the most amazing job working in the rain and puling wheelie bins through the mud. A special mention should be made of Maddy who joined us from set up, worked through the festival and was still raring to go for the pack down. A most amazing group of people made this event a success and if not exactly a pleasurable, certainly bearable, experience. Rock On!


November saw the team head south for the sophomore year of Shine On festival. The new site was perfectly laid out to showcase top quality music from many genres. With numbers down from last year, the smaller crowd lapped up the intimate vibe, great weather and incredible art installations from around the world.

The Green Chief team welcomed Fiona AKA Fi ‘McFly’ (pictured right) into her maiden supervisor role. Spirits were high as we also tested out new compacting equipment, installed the caravan as our new office, and even found the time for some wheelie-bin yoga and trailer reversing lessons. Our volunteers and the wonderful crew from Beaufort made the job look easy, sorting recycling, running a campsite recycling bag system and interacting with campers to reduce waste left behind.

Our wonderful friends at the Psybus, Bella Pasta and the Good Brew Co were all setting the standard for food stalls with their reusable tableware. From informal reports their return rate was excellent, their costs were down and, most importantly, they were minimising wasted resources and moving customers out of a throwaway mentality. We hope to continue working with these businesses to come up with more efficient systems, get better results and encourage more stalls to provide reusable cups and plates at festivals.