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Who We Are

Amie Green

Before all of this rummaging around in skips and chasing people down who didn’t turn off lights, Amie worked in the ‘real’ world for Live Nation, managing theatrical venues in the UK and when the sun came out she could be found working at festivals such as Bestival, Wireless, Hultsfred, Falls, Blues and Roots, and O2.  Armed with a Ba (Hons) in Music and Arts Management she currently roams the world collecting sustainable event ideas and encouraging people to use their inner greenness. 2009 saw her partaking in the Sustainable Living Festival as International Guest Speaker in the beyond Carbon Neutral Panel and as a speaker/workshop presenter for The Green Revolution panel at the International Event Summit. She quite liked doing these talky things and finished up by running a panel for the combined One Movement For Music/ MUSEXPO conference discussing environmental sustainability and music.


Madeleine Radke

With a life mission to empower and inspire others, Madeleine is intent on utilising festival culture as a platform for reconnecting people in personal and respectful relationship with the land, themselves, and their fellow human beings.  And their trash. To back up this hard-earned philosophy, Madeleine wields qualifications in event management, audio-engineering and business to impress those who value that book learnin’ stuff. She also has an arsenal of insightful anecdotes from her long career in exploration, experimentation and ukulele performance for those who value the wisdom of life experience. Believing that the Festivus is an integral expression of human spirit, Madeleine aims for positive and inclusive change at the heart of cultural and community identity.



 Róisín Prunty

Ró taking in a beautiful sunset

Ró was once a lowercase trashbag, working and wandering as an avid dumpster-diver and festivillian on a low budget. As part of the Green Chief crew, Ró combines all and has become a Trashbag (note the capital T) She knows that she is doing something awesome to help make the festival and party scene more sustainable by supporting it at a most crucial level. She uses people power, enthusiasm and some (eco)friendly education to help festivals grow as a community. If you can get your festivillians to help out, the crew can put more energy into making it better and more efficient. Ró once got bogged in deep sand with a ute and heavy, laden trailer, she started calling for help and within minutes over 20 people flocked to lift her, her ute AND trailer out of the sand! Now that’s teamwork and community spirit at its best. She wants to help spread that spirit, particularly in terms of waste and recycling, everyday, everywhere…


Abi Mumford

Abi has been working her way around the festival circuit for a few years now mainly volunteering for tickets, constructing fences, building stages and generally being a bit of a dogsbody. Coming to Australia and stumbling into Green Chief has shown Abi where her passion lies. Already counting herself as very environmentally conscious when running a small rural gardening company as manually as possible, building customers confidence in how to live a greener life style even if that was just making their own compost or leaf mulch! Abi proves herself to be part of a team of messy but very hard working individuals and loves being on the front line at festivals in the education of recycling and sustainability.



Emma Wasson

Emma completed a Masters in Environmental and Business Management in 2008 and holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Tourism and Recreation. Emma background knowledge of the leisure industry, environment and business management combined with a love for sustainability, festivals and fun makes greening the festival industry an area of satisfaction for Emma. It’s worth the effort we put in to know and see the difference we make at events in the end that are enjoyed by many. Emma hopes to see festivals and events become and continue to become more gentle on the earth and incorporate spaces for learning and collaboration on ways we can live in harmony as we progress in our human evolution on a planet with climate change. Outside of festival season Emma works with an environmental consultancy, studies Carbon Management and follows other Sustainability project pursuits.