Speaking Engagements

AUSFolk 2010

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has’ (Margaret Mead). Our very own Amie Green was invited to attend this years AUSfolk  in the capacity of presenter and host for two distinct topics: The Tipping Point: Solutions for waste & Recycling and Increasing The Green Peace: A practical guide to a greener festival.Both sessions sparked lively debate and questions from event organisers from across Australia and the convergence of event specialists resulted in a resounding success at the beautiful Woodford site of Woodfordia. Amie took a tour around the site and was hugely impressed by the worlds first water treatment plant designed to specifically to cope with the massive volume of waste water generated over a short period of time. The scope for eventually harvesting the methane from the black water to power the plant is indeed one of the most innovate uses of today’s technology within a permanent festivals’ capacity.

Informative sessions and workshops covering funding, creative business planning, PR, multiple case studies and top class musicians were the order of the day with real friendships and business opportunities arising from the 2 day and 3 night convention. The most honest and enlightening music buiness conference I’ve attended! Bring on Ausfolk 2011!

A downloadable copy of her presentation is available here although it does not include the Glastonbury videos which can be viewed through Youtube instead.