Bars & Catering

Dressing Rooms & Backstage

For maximum green credit an event or festival should take as much notice of what happens backstage as what is being presented to the audience front of house. Green Chief Sustainability can ensure that catering and band riders are sourced from local suppliers with local produce by working alongside the Artist Liaison crew. By making the backstage area feel special by featuring a themed bin station or recycling game, fancy looking bamboo crockery, locally sourced beers on tap, a funky second-hand lounge area and artwork made from discarded objects you can ensure that your event is remembered by VIPs and artists alike. If you’re looking to deck out a whole room then Kerri Ainsworth ( specialises in using completely reclaimed materials for set design and gala events.


The implementation of a deposit systems on drinks containers-cans or PET bottles-should be carefully thought through.  Does the event obtain sponsorship to pay back the deposits or is it included in the price when bought? Where are container deposit stations located and when are they open? What are the procedures undertaken to prevent fraudulent deposits from being obtained? When Green Chief have advised festivals on using container deposit systems a return rate of 80% on average is obtained.

Re-useable cups are another good option for making savings in landfill costs. Providing sponsorship or a budget can be applied for, re-useable cups made from recycled products (and ideally with a carabeena attachment)  in the form of festival souvenirs are an ideal way of reducing the impact of an event.


The same principals apply as in the Markets section. We would add that backstage or crew catering is notorious for using the throw away takeaway containers. It’s worth having a go at either making the crew feel special and issuing them with tupperware or washable plastic containers (and drinking bottles!) and using op-shop mugs for coffee and tea.

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