Green Chief Sustainability uses a combination of core crew and volunteers to run it’s initiatives and help make your event as sustainable as possible. We work closely with site staff to determine the best way for initiatives to be tailored to an event or festival and find that the plethora of local knowledge expounded by these individuals can be invaluable. We are also aware that our staff are critical to the success of our business and consider motivation and reward pivotal  ideals in which to shape the next generation of sustainable event managers.


We can be part of the recruitment process for volunteers, or work with the volunteer co-ordinator to ensure that key positions are filled by appropriate personnel. Because of our ethos to ‘educate and innovate’ our initiatives often require more people than the traditional laissez-faire approach to event management, therefore a large part of our workforce is often made up by volunteers. By communicating in advance with volunteers via email (Volunteer Email) we ensure that the ideas behind initiatives can be grasped before arriving on site and also believe that communication post event concerning the impact of their help is invaluable in creating a team feeling. Also, by offering the opportunity for feedback at the end of each event we often find ways of improving our systems or ideas for new initiatives.


Training, be it OH &S or role knowledge, is something Green Chief Sustainability takes great pride in. Team meetings before events can be instructive in roles that require specialist knowledge or when shift change-over times are tight. Extra time can be spent educating volunteers or staff through interactive games and tests or providing extra information on systems. Whether training is before the event or on site, it provides a great opportunity to discuss the methodology and underlying principals of our work and of course share our enthusiasm for the job we love doing.

Staff Housekeeping

Of course we like our staff to be ‘walking the walk’ as we are particularly conscious that a display of double standards will not help the ‘education and interaction’ with event attendees. We prefer to issue a recognisable ‘uniform’ that can be re-used, such as hi-vis vests, or costumes our staff have created themselves to lend a visual element to their work. Although specially commissioned crew t-shirts do look attractive, unless they are returned and washed for the next event we prefer not to use them. We also encourage staff to bring a water bottle that can be re-filled, rather than providing endless mineral water. And finally we remind all of our staff to keep whatever message they’re promoting positive.