Water management is an area that is often overlooked when it comes to viable environmentally sound alternatives.Whether this is because there are already systems that are deemed satisfactory in place or because site mangers are generally very busy people who need to solve problems, rather than create them we cannot say.However an overall commitment to conserving water and the re-use of grey water combined with the promotion of water efficiency to audience, crew and staff can save festivals considerable dollars.Especially if potable water has to be bought and transported to site.

To take a holistic approach, event organisers should check that local waterways are protected from pollution, usually by situating showers, toilets and sullage (kitchen waste water) points at least 100m from any waterways. Have a think about how local waterlife will be protected during the event and implement any necessary clean-up measures (such as employing people in kayaks) to keep your site’s waterways clean.