Drinking Water

Did you know that 200ml of oil and 3.4mj of energy is needed to produce a single 1 litre water bottle? (Polaris institute)

By encouraging the audience to bring their own bottles or better still by providing refillable bottles and water filling stations (these don’t have to be free, cards can be issued with a bottle of water that costs, say $5, which then get’s stamped every time the bottle is refilled) festivals can save money on waste disposal costs.

If your festival isn’t keen on swapping bar revenue for environmental soundness then make sure that bottled water is ethically and locally sourced.

Water Filling Stations

Water filling stations can be erected by configuring standpipes next to pallets or gravel to help prevent the area around the taps from becoming bogged. Low flo taps or push-taps are the ideal attachments for these stations to prevent water waste.