Grey Water

Unless a festival or event site has geology or hydrology issues that make on site disposal of grey water unsafe then there are many benefits of bucking the traditional contain-it-store-it-transport-it approach to grey water that has been produced by showers and catering. By effectively and safely using the water on site event managers can reduce carbon emissions (from transport of mainly harmless water), improve the appearance of the festival site by watering flora and of course, reduce costs.  However some prior thought and site design is required (usually in conjunction with the Site Manager) for this to be successful. We would like to thank David Wick of Spiral Sun Solar Showers for inspiring the following:

  1. Become best friends with the Site Manager
  2. Make the site manager become best friends with the landowner and the local OH & S officer
  3. Persuade the OH & S officer that they trust the festival and that using an alternative method of Grey Water disposal is actually quite cool
  4. Take a look at the festival site and see where natural soakaways are located
  5. Use reed beds or naturally occurring soak-aways for small amounts of water, or small amounts of water over a protracted period
  6. Dig shallow trenches (top layer of soil is where the beasties that clean the water live) over the largest area of ground available (larger area means less swampy attributes and greater soaking capcity)
  7. Pipe the grey water to this area and release
  8. A system of pressurised pipes/hoses with outlets  can be designed for use at next years event
  9. Fence the area
  10. Plant trees and vegetation