Ever wanted to make a difference?

Now with our business expanding annually, we are looking to work with like-minded people. Perhaps you already know that life, somehow, has more meaning if you are making a difference, or perhaps you want to get your foot in the door of the music festival industry. Why don’t you check out the volunteer or paid work sections or contact us directly for more information. We never knew we wanted to make a difference, until we did.

Volunteer Work

Many of our initiatives depend on volunteers to staff them and we are constantly amazed that festival after festival these golden people turn up to help us. Quite often what we do is not glamourous-composting, sorting through recycling, handing out garbage bags, painting signs, constructing back of house utility areas, talking to festival goer’s about what can be recycled-but it definitely is rewarding. Usually in exchange for a few hours of your time (actual shifts vary depending on the event) you get a ticket for the whole event, special crew camping area and occasionally food and drink too. Volunteers often get first chance for paid work at the end of the event or at future events as well. All we ask is that you come to work with a positive attitude, as much initiative as you can muster and lots of ideas for the future! To register your interest as a volunteer go to the Contact Us section and leave the below details:

  • Name
  • Contact details-email and phone number
  • Address
  • Dates available
  • Specific events you’re interested in

Paid Work

To compliment our teams of hardy volunteers we increasingly need to employ staff who are interested not only in exchanging their time for a festival ticket but want be part of the production team that works so hard to put on an event. Often we employ people to work before, during and after the event, with varying hours connected with each position.

Bin Ninja

To inform and educate the audience into recycling via any means. Theatrics, comedy and songs have all been tried in the past.

It is the Bin Ninjas prerogative to maintain un-contaminated recycling and compost streams. A Bin ninja must also litter pick the area directly surrouding their bin station. Bin ninjas must be available for work during the event.

Recycling Centre Operative

Get to play with machinery! They must sort and process waste that has been collected over night. This can involve shredding compostable waste into mulch, compacting landfill or crushing cans. Currently this is a vital behind-the-scenes job but it looks set to become an educational area set up in the actual events arena. Recycling Centre Opertatives must be available for work during the event, usually mornings only.

Campsite Monitor

Is responsible for monitoring campsite waste and informing audience members what to do with their recycling. They must have great communication skills and be available for work during the event.

Bump In/Bump out Crew

Must facilitate the ‘Leave no Trace’ ethos and work closely with the management team. Often bump in will require a number of odd jobs to be completed in preparation for the upcoming festival. Bump out crew are responsible for the cleanliness of the entire festival site and jobs range from collecting large waste, such as sofas and carpet from the campsites to picking up recycling and other treasures from the ground. Bump in/out crew work before and after the event, meaning they can party when the music’s on!

Shift Managers

Manage bin ninjas, recycling centre operatives and campsite monitors. They often have to provide a troubleshooting service and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Jobs can include liaising with vendors/crew/production staff, maintaining employee time sheets, directing contractors on site and a million other little things. Mangers should possess a driving licence and have experience in manging and motivating staff. Training for all other aspects can be provided for the right candidates along with work throughout the festival season. Managers hours can vary but they must be available to work during the event.

Interest in any of the positions above should be emailed to amie at greenchiefrecycling dot com with a resume or CV.