Recycling Performers- The OR

As part of the audience interaction and education tenet of Green Chief Sustainability, a performance troupe know as The Order of the Rubbish (The OR)  has been lovingly devised and tested at Rainbow Serpent Festival. They made pilgrimages through the hot sun with a mission to transform rubbish consciousness into recycling consciousness! They chanted (reduce, reuse, recycle; refuse renew repurpose), rapped and gospel sung their way into the hearts and green third eyes of many, praising HALLELUJAH to their fellow siblings carrying out the sacred work! They called in the great spirit of Recycling to bless the dancefloor clean up ceremonies and guide all Rubbish Serpent siblings to leaf no trace at their campsites! And they were greeted with many weird looks, many knowing looks, some obscure comments and many helping hands to make the work LIGHT again!

Devised originally by Mira Melaluca and Joe Oppenheimer in collaboration with Steven Kennedy and many devoted followers, The OR are now appearing at a variety of festivals across Australia.

OR Rainbow2014 01